The CScotR
Womens' Auxiliary
In 1939, the former Auxiliary of the 1st Battalion and the Auxiliary of the 2nd Battalion amalgamated. At that time there were 6 satellite Auxiliaries up and down the island, including Salt Spring Island.  In 1940, under the War Charities Act, the Auxiliary undertook a number of fundraising activities and projects.  Two of the most successful fundraising activities were The Scottish Gift House and the Treasure Trail. A house, built by Farmers Construction was raffled off, with all proceeds going towards supporting the War effort.  

Other fundraising projects included selling Hunting Stewart match books, and lapel ribbons. Between 1940 and 1941, the members raised $15,000.  $7,500 was sent to the Lord Mayors fund in Britain for bombed out families.  The other $7,500 was used to continue with the WA projects, such as providing knitted items to help the soldiers, making baby comforters and layettes for the Regimental family newborns, and comfort boxes for the hospitalized soldiers. Each year the WA hosted a children’s Christmas party and helped with the Associations annual dinner.

The WA assisted in helping the ARP (Air Raid Precautions) organization, the blood bank, the Red Cross drives, and the tag days for the PPCLI.  After the War, the WA continued to support the Regiment fundraising by hosting teas, fashion shows, and having Bingo games etc.

Our 1st President was Mrs.S.J.McDonald. She was acclaimed in 1940, and held the position throughout the war years, it was estimated we had over 150+ members at the time.Today, our members are committed to carrying out the mandate of the WA. We still fundraise, and assist wherever we are needed, provide for our cadet units and help the Association with their fundraising efforts.

Fun Fact: The names of the Regiment’s Tri-colours are Peony Red, Gosling Green, Oxford Blue.

If you know of anyone interested in joining the WA, please come along to a meeting. The first Wednesday of the month, @7pm in the CScotR Sgt’s Mess.  Contact: Dixie Allan @
The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's)