The Canadian Scottish Regimental Association

The purposes of the society are:

(a) To foster Regimental esprit de corps, traditions, and interest of The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) generally,
(b) To fulfill the functions of an Old Comrades Association,
(c) To coordinate activities of kindred Associations, including those of the 16th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, The Royal Scots and their perpetuating units,
(d) To accumulate a reserve fund to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes of the society.
The Canadian Scottish Regimental Association is a group of former regimental members or friends who have retired or left for other reasons. They meet regularly in the Victoria and Nanaimo armouries and at an annual reunion in a different city each year. They have over 400 members across Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, France, and Belgium. 

The association's purpose is achieved by supporting the regiment and its troops in various ways. The dedicated volunteer members organize fundraisers and distribute the money raised among the soldiers of the Regiment and C Scot R Cadet Corps. They send packages to those serving overseas and give out student bursaries and scholarships. The Association also has their band, often playing alongside the Regimental Band to support military events and functions. They visit sick or injured members and send gifts, flowers and cards. They are the "grandparents" of the Regiment who are always there to lend a helping hand or offer valuable advice when required.

The Regimental Association is a fundamental anchor to the regiment's way of upholding their heritage and traditions and keeping the "family" together, especially during tough times. Without them, things would not be the same. 
The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's)