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The Regimental Endowment Fund

Forced to see the Regiment’s canteen funds disappear into a national fund at the end of World War II – an amount which would have been a considerable value today and even more so had it been invested at the time – Brigadier General Ramsay dreamed of establishing a Trust Fund to receive and administer donations for the perpetuation and betterment of the Regiment. In October of 1981 his dream became a reality with the establishment of the Endowment Fund.

Although it is operated under the Trustees’ charitable status, it is governed at arm’s length from them, with an independent Board comprised of serving members of the Regiment, and elected members from the Trustees and the Regimental Association. As a Board administering capital funds it could not spend any monies for the first ten years in order to build a suitable investment base. Currently, however, the Fund generates some $8000 per year in interest, which is spent on a variety of projects proposed annually by the Regiment and other elements of the Regimental Family.

While there have been some very generous donations over the years, the chief source of income has been derived from nominations for the Book of Memory. This book, now in two volumes, is not an honour roll but rather a ready reference for the service particulars of any former member of the Regiment who has died, whether in war or in peace. A nominal donation of $25 ensures such an entry, and many have donated sums in the memory of a soldier: often a relative, respected friend or comrade-in-arms.

Pre-nomination from those who still live have also been welcomed for registration and upon death their names and particulars will be entered into the Book. As of April 2002, the names of 1,272 soldiers had been registered, whether entered or awaiting entry, in the Book of Memory, not including 78 pre-nominations.

You can donate on-line through the link below.

The Regimental Heritage Foundation

The second source of income, the Regimental Heritage Foundation was developed twelve years after the Endowment Fund was instituted, but for a different purpose.

In 1993 the Regimental Pipes and Drums had been invited to participate in the ceremonies of the XV commonwealth Games to be held in Victoria, B.C. It had been evident, because of Canadian Forces restructuring, that there were no public funds available to refurbish and replace the uniforms of the Pipe Band, and that they could not be expected to participate in such an august event in shabby accoutrements. Through the initiative of Brigadier General D. Coell and others, funds were raised from the Greater Victoria community to purchase the equipment necessary for the Pipe Band to present itself in an exemplary fashion at the Games. The success of the campaign was overwhelming and led to the idea of presenting a night of celebration to honour all the contributors. Thus, a Ceilidh, meaning from the Gaelic language as ‘party’ or ‘celebration’, was organized and presented in the fall of 1993 at the Bay Street Armoury, in Victoria. This sparked the idea of a more permanent means of maintaining the uniforms within The Regimental family as a whole and of raising money to support the operations of The Regimental Museum. Thus, was born the Regimental Heritage Foundation under whose umbrella these funds would be raised. The Foundation, operating under the auspices of the Regimental Trustees, operates at arm’s length with its own Board of Directors, and has its own charitable tax status.

Since its inception it has raised considerable funds which have been expended on numerous projects for the benefit of the Regiment. A main source of funds has come from the now annual Ceilidhs held in the Bay Street Armoury, which have seen audiences grow to full houses of over 800. The Foundation has also sponsored the production of recordings by the Pipes and Drums, most unique of which was a cooperative effort in conjunction with the United States Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band. This effort was the first known Canadian-American combined military band recording ever made. As result of the income from these fund-raising projects, the Heritage Foundation has provided on-going support for the supply of accoutrements for both the Pipe Band and the Regiment and has contributed significantly to the purchase of Glengarry headwear for all four Cadet corps.

The Regimental Museum has benefited, also, through funds used to purchase many important items, and to host several medal presentations and displays including the acquisition of the medals of Colonel C. Peck, VC and the showing, in November of 1998, of the four Victoria Crosses earned by the four members of the 16th battalion C.E.F. (Canadian Scottish) in World War I, along with the medals and decorations of Major General G. Pearkes VC, Lieutenant Colonel J. McGregor VC, and Field Marshal Viscount J.H.G Byng, GCB, GCMG, MVO. The Board of Regimental Trustees has done its work without fanfare over the past sixty years. Most of the current Board, when they were in command of the Regiment, no doubt felt the influence of the Board. Even though the Board did not have any authority over the decisions of the Canadian Forces, the Army, the local command, or the Regiment, as Commanding Officer’s they were undoubtedly grateful for its positive advice and ‘behind-the-scenes’ advocacy when politics and policies seemed adverse.

The Trustees depend on all elements of the Regimental family to keep them aware of the issues facing the Regiment itself and those faced by any individual element. They also depend upon all elements to assist them in ensuring the continued well-being of the Regiment. Ultimately, however, they have the enormous responsibility of protecting and enhancing the presence, good name and assets of the Regiment and its Family. You can donate on-line through the link below.

Canadian Scottish Remembers – Book of Memory

The current Canadian Scottish Remembers project of the Endowment Fund seeks to enter the names of Canadian Scottish (and the Regiments it perpetuates), World War I war dead into the Book of Memory within the Regiment, their memory, service, and sacrifice.

We are looking for individuals to sponsor the below listed soldiers for entry into the Book of Memory. Sponsors will receive a certificate with the sponsored soldier’s particulars of service, including place of birth, date and place of enlistment, time, and location of death, and where memorialized if they died on active service.

A donation (minimum $25.00, suggested donation $50.00) will secure sponsorship. Some sponsors may wish to make their donation perpetual on an annual basis, for example on the anniversary of the soldier’s death or Remembrance Day, or through a monthly allocation (This can be accommodated through

Sponsorship is being sought for:
1. 77824 Pte. Everest, Cyril Fielding 16th Bn KIA France 09-10-16
2. 29062 Pte. Edwards, Henry 16th Bn KIA France 22-04-15
3. 1000364 Pte. Eccles, John 16th Bn KIA France 14-08-18
4. 427468 Pte. East, Benjamin Hicks 16th Bn KIA France 28-04-17
5. 151632 Pte. Eardley, Albert 16th Bn KIA France 8/9-10-16
6. 420042 A/L/Cpl. Dwinnell, Wilfred 16th Bn KIA France 4/7-09-16
7. 718294 Pte. Dupas, Joseph 16th Bn KIA France 15-04-17
8. 718675 Pte. Duncan, Firth 16th Bn KIA France 09-04-17
9. 186552 Pte. Dunham, Walter Bruce 16th Bn KIA France 25/28-09-16
10. 72585 Pte. Dunning, Warren Edward 16th Bn KIA France 20-05-15

Please return your completed nomination form identifying the soldier you wish to remember with your donation by mailing to: Treasurer, CSR Endowment Fund, 4746 Beaver Rd, Victoria, BC, V9E 2J7

Help us remember those who served with the Regiment in peace and war and to support the Regiment into the future.
Deas du Cath

[Please contact us at to learn other ways you can support the Regimental Family through gifts to The Endowment Fund]

Link to the Book of memory pdf form
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